EZR24 - 5G Router

EZR24 5G-NR router has 4x4 5G MIMO and Nano SIM card slot.

The EZR24 series 5G-NR router has a 5G mobile modem and Nano SIM card slot. Insert a SIM card to access fast-speed 5G new radio mobile networks. It provides Gigabit Ethernet and 1200Mbps WiFi hotspots for massive users, home office appliances, and industrial machines.

The 5G router supports 3GPP Release 15 NSA and SA operation in sub-6 GHz frequency bands and also supports falling back to 4G LTE connectivity when 5G signals are unavailable.

The EZR24 5G routers support up to 4xMIMO on downlink and uplink channels to provide maximum throughput and stable connections. It is unlocked to work on major mobile networks worldwide. The router has a Nano SIM card slot to connect to your preferred network provider. It also has SMA-female standard antenna ports for external 5G antennas to improve signal reception, especially in remote areas.

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